Considerations for Intelligent Power Management within High-Density Deployments

As data centers deploy virtualization and consolidate equipment for more efficient computing, the average rack power density is constantly rising. While an average cabinet supported 3 - 4 kW a few years ago, today that power load is considered in low-density environments. It is certainly not uncommon to have cabinets drawing 9 - 15 kW and in several cases, even higher than that.

To ensure highly available power to IT equipment, all power components in the power chain need to have monitoring capabilities.

Rack power distribution units (PDUs) represent the last leg of the power chain. Therefore, it is critical that organizations choose rack PDUs with monitoring capabilities for high-density deployments. This paper discusses the electrical, physical and management considerations for effective cabinet-level power management within such high-density scenarios. It presents six key considerations when deploying intelligent PDUs into high-density cabinets and also covers the management of cost and security associated with the deployment of intelligent PDUs.

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White Paper:

Six Key Considerations when Selecting Intelligent Rack PDUs