CPI's strongest, most advanced and configurable cabinet enclosure to date.

The ZetaFrame® Cabinet from Chatsworth Products (CPI) is a highly engineered data center cabinet solution that delivers fast built-to-order configurability and industry-leading strength and scalability, regardless of the application. ZetaFrame Cabinet is a total, turnkey solution that integrates with power, cable and thermal management accessories to support next-generation compute.

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eConnect installed inside ZetaFrame cabinet

Power Management

  • Designed to integrate with eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs), RFID electronic locks and environmental monitoring, creating a cabinet ecosystem solution that is both intelligent and strong
  • eConnect PDUs can be ordered and preinstalled in a ZetaFrame Cabinet under one part number
Cable management fingers with cables installed

Cable Management

  • Wider frames allow additional space for high-density cable management
  • High load capacity also supports overhead structure and auxiliary cabling
  • Cable management accessories create airflow-friendly pathways alongside equipment
  • Cable openings include grommets or brush seals to promote airflow management
Vertical Exhaust Duct installed on ZetaFrame cabinet

Thermal Management: Passive Cooling 

  • Passive cooling solutions like aisle containment and vertical exhaust ducts can further reduce heat to ensure the safekeeping of equipment.
  • Fully integrates with CPI’s patented airflow management accessories, providing effective front-to-rear or front-to-top airflow, and aisle containment.

Thermal Management: Active Cooling 

  • Active cooling solutions like direct-on-chip liquid cooling, which efficiently handles extreme power densities in high-performance computing environments, are imperative for protecting data center equipment.
  • Strong frame allows for cost-saving transition into liquid cooling enhancements or deployment of cold-plated servers.

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What Sets ZetaFrame Apart?

Roll-formed, tubular and fully-welded steel frame

Patent Pending

Fast attachment and adjustment of accessories

Door hinge and side panel design with integrated bonding

Patent Pending

Unique ground block attachment requires no extra bonding preparation

Optional brush seals for cable openings in equipment mounting rails

Patent Pending

Load-bearing casters and easily adjustable leveling feet

The Benefits of ZetaFrame

Speedy Deployment

Save time and reduce cost by ordering a specified cabinet that's integrated with power, cable and thermal management preinstalled under a single part number.

Future-Proof Strength

Put ZetaFrame to the test and gain peace of mind with a roll-formed, tubular and fully welded steel frame supports 5,000 lb (2268 kg) static and 4,000 lb (1814 kg) dynamic loads.

Fast Selection

Choose from a wide range of standard configurations and utilize one-on-one consultation services to create a unique solution that meets your exact specifications.

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Integrated Bonding

Eliminate the need to attach separate grounding straps to cabinet components with doors and panels that bond to the frame through hinges and contact points.

Enhanced Cable Management

Organize cables with accessories that provide larger vertical and front-to-rear cable pathways and easy attachment and adjustment of cable bundles and accessories.

Integrated Airflow

Ensure effective conditioned/exhaust air separation and maximum equipment cooling thanks to seamless integration with optional airflow management accessories.

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