eConnect® PDUs provide the ultimate solution for cabinet-level power management, environmental monitoring and electronic access control in multitenant and enterprise data centers.

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The Power of eConnect Intelligent Power Distribution - Defined

Reduced Networking Costs and Complexity

Secure Array® allows the use of a single IP address for up to 32 connected PDUs and all attached sensors and locks. Second IP address for the entire array provides failover capability.

Resistance to High Temperature

Market-leading temperature ratings of up to 149°F (65°C) ensures reliability when mounted toward hot aisles.

Simplified Load Balancing

Phase-balance outlets on three-phase models ensure equal loading across all phases; Allows use of shorter equipment power cords for better cable and airflow management.

No Accidental Disconnections

Patent-pending, low-profile locking outlets prevent accidental disconnections without requiring special power cords, which reduces installation costs.

Easy Identification of Failover Unit

Redundancy Pack includes 2 PDUs (one in Black and one in Glacier White) for easy identification of the primary and secondary unit.

Electronic Lock Integration

Patented technology seamlessly integrates PDU, environmental sensors and electronic locks into a single hardware and software solution.

Cabinet Preinstallation

Complete ecosystem ships ready for IT equipment integration. Saves deployment time and reduces packaging waste.

Latest UL Compliance

Meets UL and IEC 62368 for compliance with new listing requirements for North America and the European Union.

econnect software on tablet

Complete Software-Integration

Explore the highly functional and user-friendly built-in software of CPI's eConnect PDU line with a free online demo.

Gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the built-in software of CPI's eConnect PDU line by accessing online demo software links to eConnect PDUs installed in CPI's Research, Development & Training Facility in Georgetown, TX.

Navigate the browser-based software, interact with each PDU and learn more about individual features such as branch and outlet power measurement, alarm states, outlet grouping and general exploration of PDUs linked in the Secure Array.

Intelligently Cost-Effective

Determine how much you can save by using the eConnect® Secure Array® Savings Estimator.

Secure Array allows you to install less network infrastructure to support power management, environmental monitoring and access control.

You use fewer network ports in each cabinet for power management, environmental monitoring and access control, which means more ports for production equipment.

Conveniently Project-Ready

Over 350 standard PDU configurations ready to ship, preinstalled into CPI cabinets

Over 350 standard configuration eConnect PDUs are ready to ship in 10 business days or less, direct to your next project, an industry-leading best, with additional, swift options on customized units as well.

eConnect PDUs are designed, tested and manufactured from CPI's state-of-the-art, 35,000 square foot Electronics & Software Technology Center in Round Rock, TX, providing quick shipping logistics across the United States and beyond with a global network of distributors ready to assist.

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