Data Center Airflow Management Basics:
Economics of Containment Systems

Based on data from the June 2016 United States Data Center Energy Usage Report, the average individual rack density for a rack full of servers will range between 4 kW and 11 kW by 2020. It is important to recognize that as rack densities exceed 4 kW, traditional hot aisle/cold aisle configurations become less effective. Hot air recirculates over and through the cabinet, causing hot spots, which is typically met with the costly oversupply of cold air.

You can reliably dissipate the heat in these racks by utilizing a containment system that effectively isolates hot air from cold air and directs hot exhaust airflow away from equipment and back to air handlers. More importantly, careful airflow management through the use of containment systems allows several cooling system adjustments that can reduce overall cooling energy costs at any rack density.

This white paper examines how implementing a complete containment system contributes to overall reduced cooling system energy costs in the data center and prepares your site for an anticipated increase in rack density.

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